About Us

The Terra Collective is a conscious brand offering sustainable products including handmade clothing and other textile pieces made from earth friendly materials and other lifestyle products sourced from like-minded companies.

We have made a promise to donate 5% of all of our profits back to the world through various organisations and charities.

Our mission is to bring more awareness to the impact we are having on Our Earth, offer products that are beautiful, made with love and don't hurt the Earth & to give back. We offer our Learn page to give information on the materials we use and why we use them and a Give page where you can donate further to our current charity/organisation or any we have worked with in the past.

Part of being a sustainable and conscious brand is looking at our packing. We are so excited to be teamed up with noissue. to bring your purchases to you in the most  beautiful and eco friendly way. Visit their website for more information. https://www.noissue.com.au/about-us