Made to Order

Here at The Terra Collective we strive to deliver the best service possible. That is why we have decided to make our business predominately Made to Order. We know the frustrations of finding something you love but its not the right size or colour, and this is where we come in. As our Terra Collective products are all handmade, we have the ability to custom make what our customers want.

There are many benefits to this including getting what you want, but also by making what we know you want, we are also limiting the amount of wastage as we are not making products in bulk just in the hope that someone will buy them.

Of course, like anything, Made to Order does come at a cost, both financially and time. Although we try to keep everything at the most affordable price possible, as these are unique, handmade items our time to make these is taken into account when pricing the items, this is also why you may find that we rarely if ever hold a sale. We also know that Made to Order means it will take a little bit longer to dispatch than you may be used to. Our current time frame for Made to Order products is 5-7 business days for dispatch (this is subject to change, please check back here for updates).

With all that being said we hope that you find the positives outweigh any negatives you may find and that you love being apart of The Terra Collective Family. 


All products available for Made to Order will display a 'Pre-Order' button once you have chosen your size and colour. In your cart it will also display next to your orders which ones are being Made to Order with the 'Pre-Order' text displayed next to the item. If you have any questions in regards to Made to Order products or the process, please feel free to Contact Us.